Teachers 2018


Troy HadeedTT

vinyasa yogabreath

Troy views the science of yoga as a personal practice and one's own journey of self-discovery. For that reason he is continuously aiming to create a space that is available and comfortable for all to practice, regardless of their faith, age, or physical limitations. With mindful, intentional movements Troy’s teaching brings a fresh and powerful dimension into today’s yoga class that helps bridge the gap between the pure essence of Yoga and today’s disconnected world. At the foundation of Troy’s teaching is not the breath, but one’s relationship to the breath. In this we discover that no posture, no transition, no moment is ever the same; we discover what it means to live in the present moment, and finally, we remember what it means to live from a place of Genuine Love. Troy studies the lineage of Krishnamacharya under the guidance of Ryan Leier and has been blessed with the inspiration of amazing teachers, including: Seane Corn, Father Joe Pereira (Iyengar Yoga), Baron Baptiste, Srivatsa Ramaswami (Vinyasa Krama), Leslie Kaminoff, Jess Robertson, and Ted Grand…among others. Troy currently lives in a treehouse on the north coast of Trinidad & Tobago and is constantly being reminded that Prana (the life force that connects and flows through all life) is very real.

→ Friday 10:00, Stage 1: Re-connecting to Spirit
→ Saturday 13:00, Stage 4: Get out of the way
→ Saturday 16:00, Stage 1: Stay
→ Sunday 16:15, Stage 1: Magic

Jolene BaydaCA

queen of yinqueen of breathqueen of anatomy

14 years teaching. Over 8000 hours experience and training. Versed in the science & art of Yoga. Teaching retreats, workshops, and intensives globally. Teaching Yin certification and Hatha Certification under the umbrella of Savoir Yoga Teacher Training... But none of this matters if I can’t lead you into the here and now of your YOUniverse. Join me on the mat, Yoga will reveal Self.
Breathe to free the mind. What else is there?

→ Saturday 16:00, Stage 4: Yin. The way in
→ Sunday 13:00, Stage 1: BodyWise

Troy TuriCA

hatha yogaall about breathconsciousness

Troy Turi is a yoga teacher who hosts retreats and workshops throughout the world. He is former gestalt therapist who has worked in prisons with violent offenders and now travels internationally teaching breath-awareness as the cornerstone of personal change.

→ Friday 10:00, Stage 2: Hatha
→ Saturday 10:00, Stage 4: Consciousness: Excavation
→ Sunday 10:00, Stage 4: Bhagavad Gita: The war in being human

Blaire Lindsay HoughtonMX


A yoga teacher and sexuality coach, Blaire Lindsay Houghton guides women and men to heal, own and enjoy their sexuality as a force to transform their lives. With a background in yoga, the embodied arts and Tantra, Blaire’s online courses and classes blur the lines between the sexual and the spiritual to encourage the healthy integration of sexual energy leading to full body presence and personal radiance. Originally from the Canadian Rockies, Blaire currently lives and works in Mexico.

→ Friday 13:00, Stage 2: Women’s circle
→ Saturday 13:00, Stage 3: Tantra & Embodiment in daily life
→ Sunday 16:00, Stage 3: Embodied

Chris MageeUK

powervinyasa yogahandstandsfrom vinyasa to yin

Chris is an international teacher specializing in a strong dynamic vinyasa flow. Originally from Ireland, he has called London home for nearly 11 years, and uses it as his base to travel and teach around the world. Sessions with Chris are always fun and challenging. Tailored to the group to give you exactly what you need. You will be encouraged to explore, play and test your boundaries physically and mentally. He believes in our ability to take yoga and live it off the mat. To gain the beautiful benefits from our asana practice, but also to take those lessons we learn and apply them to how we live our lives.

→ Friday 13:00, Stage 1: All in the hips
→ Saturday 10:00, Stage 2: Handstand jam
→ Sunday 10:00, Stage 1: Enter the dragon

Boris GeorgievAT

ashtanga yogacreativityacro yoganatural movement

Born in 1972 in Bulgaria, Boris began yoga as a child, learning more about the spirit and heart of yoga during his teenage years practising with his Bulgarian teacher Venzislav Eftimoff. Later, in Vienna, he continued to expand his understanding of yoga as a multi-faceted path to support happiness and balance in the modern world working with the holistic Sivananda yoga method. It was in the Sivananda ashram in South India that Boris met Lino Miele who inspired him to work with the Aṣṭāṅga Vinyasa Yoga method. From 1995, this modality became more and more the principal frame for Boris’ asana practice as he continued studying with Michel Besnard and Andrea Morava.
In 2000, Boris founded the Yoga center Ganesha, where he teaches mainly aṣṭāṅga yoga and AcroYoga®. Besides his many years of personal practice, Boris’ teaching is also informed by his four year course study for psychological self-awareness (Primal Therapie - Munk), Spiraldynamic® anatomy, and AcroYoga.

→ Saturday 10:00, Stage 1: Natural movement and ashtanga yoga
→ Saturday 19:15, Stage 1: Kirtan
→ Sunday 10:00, Stage 2: Acroyoga playground

Bjørn Omholt JakobsenNO

dynamic vinyasahandstandsyin yoga

Bjørn is from Norway and started practicing yoga in 2008. For a long time he jumped from style to style and didn't really find stability and consistency in his practice before he started doing Ashtanga. His teaching is influenced by his background as a personal trainer and gymnastic coach and he likes to combine strength and elements of movement in his classes with a playful approach.
His main teachers are Paul Dallaghan, Kia Naddermier and Ulrica Norberg.

→ Friday 16:00, Stage 1: Root down into Yin
→ Saturday 13:00, Stage 1: The athletic Flow
→ Sunday 13:00, Stage 3: Feel free to fly

Donovan Patrick MahoneyTH

overcoming traumameditationyin yogahatha yoga

Donovan is First Nations Native American Indian from The Kwakiutl Nation, The Namgis Tribe in Alert Bay British Columbia, Canada. Nowadays, he calls Thailand home. Donovan is a 500hr Certified yoga teacher and has been teaching since 2013 and practicing since 2008. Donovan found his way to yoga through a traumatic work injury which led him back into addiction. He managed to find his own recovery through yoga and chose to share his experience strength and hope with others thru teaching. Donovan has been teaching Meditation, Mindfulness and Yin, Restorative and Hatha Yoga in Luxury Rehabs and privately in South East Asia since 2016.
What to expect? A deeper understanding of how to become more aware of mental and emotional trauma, addiction and how that inhibits us in our daily lives and how to resolve that through physical movement and meditation.

→ Friday 16:00, Stage 3: Meditation group workshop
→ Saturday 17:00, Stage 2: Yin meditation and talk
→ Sunday 16:00, Stage 4: Hatha and discussion

Nadine AgostiCA

yoga for kidsyoga for parents with kidsbreathwork

Nadine loves to teach yoga because of the joy she feels to share her knowledge of yoga with her students. She is thankful to her students for the wisdom and energy they bring to class. Her classes range from a strong to a gentle physical practice with a focus on alignment and always promoting balance, self-awareness, and JOY. She enjoys drawing on the many wonderful teachings and aspects of yoga styles she has experienced to enhance her classes. Nadine became a 200 hour certified yoga teacher of Flow Yoga Studio in 2006 and then graduated from Sanga Yoga’s TIP Program and has been teaching ever since. She wishes to acknowledge all the teachers who inspired her along the way. Currently studies with Sandra Sammartino. In addition to being a yoga teacher, she is an artist and professional photographer.

→ Friday 13:00, Stage 3: Freeing up the breath
→ Saturday 10:00, Stage 3: Partner yoga
→ Saturday 15:30, Stage 2: The Power of the pause
→ Sunday 13:00, Stage 2: Kids and family yoga

Leonardo PiccoIT


Leonardo's bodywork is holistic, focused on calling forth a healing response. Almost 20 years he works through reflexology and from 2014 his massage practice is enriched by Thai massage.
Leonardo works from the heart, allowing each person to be more connected to their body, more aware of the energies working around and within their being. In 2010 he tried Bikram yoga for the first time and got fascinated immediately. This fascination inspired him to leave for India and took a 900 hours TTC in Hatha yoga in 2013. The practice helps him to develop body awareness, a sensitivity that enables him to feel people's pain, and the bliss experience when their pain disappears.

→ Saturday 16:00, Stage 3: Massage workshop
→ Sunday 10:00, Stage 3: Mindful basic hatha
→ Sunday 17:30, Stage 2: Meditation

Alice ČervinkováCZ

anatomybreathworkvinyasa flowin Czech only

Alica teaches vinyasa yoga and ashtanga yoga focusing on breath, anatomy, backbends, biomechanics and experimental movement.

→ Friday 10:00, Stage 3: Breathing workshop
→ Saturday 13:00, Stage 2: Anatomy: backbends and vinyasa flow
→ Sunday 15:15, Stage 2: Here and now: Freedom Flow Laboratory

Renee SunbirdAT

kirtanmantrasingingindian philosophy

Renee Sunbird was first introduced to Yoga by her father. Some years later she studied Indology (Sanskrit) and Philosophy at the University of Vienna and started to practice Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. She went to India several times to deepen her Yoga practice and started to study Indian music, Mantra and Bhajan singing. Renée has released three albums with Mantra music and there is a Mantra Concert almost every month in their Yogacenter Ganesha in Vienna (ashtanga.at).

→ Saturday 19:15, Stage 1: Kirtan
→ Sunday 10:00, Stage 2: Acroyoga playground
→ Sunday 13:00, Stage 4: Mantra - The Philosophy of Sound

Mayo GliganičSK

musictherapybreathworkmusic improvization

Mayo is a philosopher, yoga instructor, musician, and music therapist. India and Brazil inspire him.

→ Friday 19:00, Stage 1: Listen to your inner self

Daniel Krupaji MáčovskýSK

pranayamain Slovak only

Daniel is one of a few teachers who teach Atma Kriya Yoga. He will be focusing on pranayama and show us specific breathing technique.

→ Sunday 11:15, Stage 3: Pranayama

Martin KujanSK

nonviolent communicationin Slovak only

Martin is a trainer in the process of certification with an international organization called Center of Nonviolent Communication. He practices a Tibetan Buddhism and studies a traditional Tibetan medicine.

→ Friday 16:00, Stage 2: Nonviolent communication

Fredy AyisiSK

flowcreative flow

His yoga is energy, breath, movement and a story within . He is using a lot of mantras and pranayama. When he was 12 years old he started with karate. He is a dancer and full time yoga teacher who created a first yoga center in Bratislava. He will be teaching a lecture called Creative yoga.

→ Saturday 17:45, Stage 3: Creative yoga



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There is no progress toward ultimate freedom without transformation & this is the key issue in all lives.

B.K.S. Iyengar