Jolene and Troy: Peace is here. Or you are in pieces.

Jolene and Troy what was the reason(s) you started with yoga and who has been your greatest influence?

Troy: like most people I started yoga because I was suffering. Restless in mind and my body was in physical pain, this is what brought me to the altar of attention. The space, or nothing, I have found-- has been my greatest influence.


What is your main resistance which holds you back from progress in your yoga practice or in your life in general?  How did you overcome it?

Thinking I am my thoughts is the greatest resistance to finding peace and therefore love. When I witness the disturbances in my practice, they, like all situations, fall away on their own accord.
I wasn’t afraid to enter my discomforts.

Do you remember the point when you felt real transformation in your yoga practice?  

The first class. I found a molecule of inner space. A peace.
The foundation of my teachings and practice is from that initial space that was discovered, and it widens every day.

Jolene and Troy, what are you going to bring to our community?

No-thing. Nothing. Instead we will let Life do the bringing and we will bring so much of nothing. In the no-things, sum-thing wonderful will always be found. The rising of consciousness growing is the easiest and hardest thing to be.
We'll bring this.

Jolene, what makes your yoga classes unique?

Jolene: when a class is orchestrated by breath... and every body action taken is synced specifically to a purposeful breath; when every body part is sequentially opened and held in flow, a flow that is strictly designed for how the body naturally opens, something magical arises. With poses remaining unnamed, we will enter the present moment with our eyes open... this allows all our minds to fall into place.
So that all this... becomes less about a class and more about living Life... together.

Jolene and Troy as a couple what did yoga bring to your relationship?

We say yes to everything that enters our space of awareness. We leave each other better than how we found each other, breath per breath and when we have no space... we back off.

Troy, how vital is an Indian tradition and philosophy in the current yoga practice in North America and Europe? Would you like to see a most robust connection between yoga and Indian philosophy or it is not so crucial for yoga practice in our cultural region?

All true pointers are vital, they are thousand year old treasure maps from the past that link up to the freedom that is present and is our birthright. Yoga is just a word for what happens when you find your point of focus. All words only reveal what your focus is focusing on. When you can hold focus on the one that is focus incarnate, yoga happens.
So the philosophy, Indian or any pointer of truth, is a wonderful tool; but ultimately the truth that will be found won’t be in words or thoughts.

Life and practice of B.K.S. Iyengar inspired Ultimate Freedom Yoga Festival. Do you see any of his influence on your practice?

All the masters influence and inspire us, to be Whole. Not separate parts. Even those that call themselves masters, inspire us to change. So yes— but none of the masters know more than what our soul already is; all roads only lead us to how to unlearn attachment of an artificial false identity, to reveal a true focus that is joy. How blessed we are to have those that have shown us the way and done the work.

Some see yoga as a practice only for young people,  but the example of B.K.S. Iyengar is showing us that yoga is life lasting practice. What would be your message for those who'd like to start with yoga practice but they hesitate because they feel old and/or inappropriate to attend yoga class?  

Well first— yoga itself is not the poses.
Second—Come to our classes. Just come.
Because we teach to those bodies and ages that are in the room. Sometimes 5 classes are taught in one class, we teach to whomever is in the room right now, exactly as they are, this means the flow will be realigned to what is, just like in life.
It is a teacher that must change, not a student. Trust yourself over any teacher... listen to your breath guide you... and come to our classes so you won’t have to think about it, we’ll do all the work.

The Last but not least question. What does ultimate freedom means to you?

Trust Life over thinking. The mind doubts everything except itself. So Not the ideas you have of life. Whatever comes is for you. No one can be happy unless they find peace and joy by being trapped in exactly who they are. Unless you want this, buy emotional crutches.
Peace is here. Or you are in pieces.